Coomassie nano Protein Staining


5X Concentrate COOMASSIE nano ╴ Innovatively developed next-generation protein stain for faster and more environmentally friendly gel visualization. Innovatively enhanced by proprietary nanotechnology, 5X COOMASSIE nano is a concentrated, easy-to-reconstitute protein staining solution for SDS-PAGE gels and is also compatible with mass spectrophotometry.

Its next-generation formula offers faster protein detection and increased sensitivity while eliminating the conventional need for bleaching and washing. In the absence of hazardous substances, such as methanol and acetic acid, 5X COOMASSIE nano is considered safe and environmentally friendly by reducing the carbon footprint by up to 80%.

Reagent dilution

  • Prepare a 5L bottle
  • Unpack PS002-L05X and pour the liquid contents into the bottle.
  • Rinse the residual reagent in the original bottle with deionized water.
  • Add deionized water until the volume reaches 5L.

Reaction setup

  • Convert 5X COOMASSIE nano concentrate to 1X COOMASSIE nano protein staining solution.
  • Gently mix COOMASSIE nano up and down several times before use.
  • After the SDS-PAGE is complete, remove the gel from the cassette and immerse it in the appropriate amount of COOMASSIE nano stain, enough to cover the gel.
  • Shake the staining box lightly for 10 to 30 minutes at room temperature. Since there is no need to wash or bleach, continue to carefully remove the staining solution and rinse the excess stain on the gel with water.
  • Gel image.

Important notes

  • There is no risk of excessive staining. Instead, superior visibility is achieved for each band when the gel is dipped overnight.
  • Gently mix COOMASSIE nano up and down several times before use.
  • If the gel is thicker than the mini-gel (1mm), it will take longer to incubate.
  • The staining solution may contain blue lumps. This is normal and dissolves easily in distilled water.

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