Recombinant Cyno NKG2A & CD94

Access number

Q9MZJ2 and Q9MZK9


Less than 0.1 EU / ug

Species: Cynomolgus

Expression system: Human Cells 293

Target sequence: Lys100-Leu233; Ser34-Ile179


N-8His and N-FLAG


Frum lyophilized from a filtered solution of 0.2 um of PBS, pH 7.4

Packaging: Atmosphere

Alternative names

NKG2A and CD94


NKG2-A contains a C-type lectin domain and belongs to the family of killer cell lectin-type receptors (KLRs). The KLR family is a group of transmembrane proteins preferentially expressed in natural killer (NK) cells. NK cells are a distinct lineage of lymphocytes that mediate cytotoxic activity and secrete cytokines upon immune stimulation.

CD94, also known as Killer cell lectin-like receptor (KLRD1) subfamily D member 1, is expressed on the surface of NK cells in the innate immune system. CD94 plays a role as a receptor for the recognition of MHC class I human leukocyte antigen (HLA) E molecules by NK cells and some cytotoxic T cells. CD94 can form disulfide-linked heterodimers with NKG2A on the surface of NK cells. The CD94 / NKG2A complex interacts with HLA-E on target cells and inhibits the cytotoxic activity of NK cells to prevent cell lysis.

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